José antonio Diazdel

José antonio Diazdel was born in Málaga (Spain) in 1954.

He lives and works in Benalmádena-Costa.

His works has been exihibited in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, París, Chicago, Aspen and Tokyo.

With simplicity and directness, José Antonio Diazdel creates works in which we can sense the presence of the arts of the Orient, ancient Rome, the Italian Renaissance, and the Spanish and Flemish schools, as well as from the end of the 19th century in France, the German and Nordic expressionists, and the American minimalists.

But none of these styles is expressed to such an extent that it limits the works he creates.

The artist looks at these forerunners, but doesn´t stop too long at any one, even if something remains in his glance that will be, later, added to his own canvas.

His works embody something of compromise between Eastern and Western perspective, displaying a pantheist feeling for the world, an audacious playfulness with color, and tension between what is represented and the scenario which represents it. Still he always brings this ideas together in a positive manner.