Jeneuve Switzerland

Jeneuve| Switzerland offers more than just traditional skincare in its unique formulations; it also offers science-based results, with over 25 years of experience in the field of premium Bodycare and BodyContouring.Formulated by Swiss-based Laboratoire Jeneuve, the line is unique as no other luxury skin care brand offers a complete line of skincare products formulated just for the body, to get rid of common complaints including sagging of the skin and cellulite.

The range includes six bodycare products: Anti-Cellulite Pro Complex™, Bust Lifting Precision Pro Complex ™, Essential Exfoliator Pro Complex™, Intensive Moisturizer Pro Complex™, Silhouette Precision Shaping Pro Complex™ and the Thermo Active Body Contouring Pro Complex™. Each product uses the specially formulated Molecular Cell Booster™, developed by Swiss skincare science specialists in the highest echelons of the industry.

The exclusive Molecular Cell Booster™, is a highly active bioferment cocktail of extracts from green algae and other plant proteins including white lupin. The result is an ingredient that provides the skin with essential nutrients to compensates acute cell deficiencies, stimulate the skin metabolism and enhance skin processes, including promoting the development of cell adhesion proteins, tightening the tissue and enhancing the stability of the skin.