Emeshel Purses

EMESHEL is a lifestyle brand that produces luxury high-end home-ware Fashion, Jewelry, Crystal Art and our signature Beauty line of Perfumes, Nubia and Rajul, and our Premium Collection Line of Eau de Parfum X & Y.

In 2004 EMESHEL launched its first high quality crystal home ware, exclusive jewelry and high-end unique art pieces of Murano glass. The successful and visionary creations of the artist Emese Losonczi have led the company into other fields in the world of fashion & art.

Emeshel Beauty is an unprecedented new line of luxury fragrances featuring a collection of five women’s Eau de Toilettes under the title of Nubia, named after the ancient state of northeast Arabia once occupied by the Egyptian kings.

Also part of the newly launched Emeshel Beauty line is the company’s first cologne for men, Rajul, named after the ancient Arabic word for “Man.”

Each perfume is identified by its own color and unique scent and has been provocatively designed, taking the art of perfumery to a whole new dimension of artful sensuality and symbolism.