Alicia Hayes

Artist Alicia Hayes is a former Hollywood makeup artist and is a painter and poet. Her paintings have been collected across America and her earlier original works from the series ‘A PORTRAIT OF MANY WOMEN’ sold out. Her work has been displayed with renowned artists Erte, Leroy Nieman, and Salvador Dali.

Alicia Hayes developed ‘A PORTRAIT OF MANY WOMEN’ in 1985 and Her ‘HOLLYWOOD LEGENDS’ was launched in March, 2008 at the ArtExpo in New York. In the summer of 2008 Alicia introduced her ‘ ROCK & SOUL’ These collections were inspired by her work as a celebrity makeup artist, and the spectacular beauty and glamorous lives of these great female and male legends of the past and present. The portraits she produces depict the Stars that the world loves and admires. These paintings allow the viewer a glimpse into the fascinating lives of these famous ‘HOLLYWOOD LEGENDS’.